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Postgraduate Supervision UiTM Perlis 



  • UiTM takes pride in its establishment as one of the premier institutions of higher education in the country. Although the history of UiTM dates back to 1956, the genesis and growth of the Institute of Graduate Studies can be traced to April 1997. Prior to this, graduate education in UiTM was carried out in collaboration with a number of foreign universities and the programmes offered were, namely:

    Executive Master of Business Administration (Ohio University - ITM)
    Master of Business Administration (University of Cardiff - ITM)
    Master in Arts Education (De Montfort University - ITM)
    Master in Accountancy (Curtin University - ITM)
    Master in Mass Communication (Ohio University - ITM)
    Master in Sports Science (University of New South Wales - ITM)

    It was the passing and ratification of the ITM Act in 1976/1997/1999 that laid the foundation for the establishment of IPSis. Although being relatively new, the Institute prides itself as being progressive, dynamic and innovative in fulfilling its aims of providing opportunities for Bumiputera graduates to further their education at the Master and Doctoral levels.

    This thus endorses its vision of engendering academic excellence and being at the forefront of graduate academic advancement. In striving to raise the levels of professional graduate education, it is the Institutes mission to nurture the creation of a graduate learning community by providing educational opportunities that would help to push its frontiers for societal well-being.

    IPSis operates as the nerve-centre of graduate-level education in the institution and is responsible for the implementation and management of overall administration. It coordinates and formulates policies on admission and academic regulations, as well as provides support to facilitate research and learning among postgraduate students.

Research in UiTM 

  • The Research Department of IPSis manages processes from application to graduation of post graduate students in collaboration with UiTM faculties and centre of excellence. Currently there are about 50 research-based programmes in UiTM. Below are information in brief from the department:

    Application for a research mode programme either for Masters or Doctorate can be done online.
    Programmes by research are offered throughout the year on a pre-set monthly schedule.
    Newly registered candidates are given a logbook by IPSis.
    Its mandatory for newly registered candidates to attend IGS Research Skills Seminar (please check the website for the schedule).
    Please ensure that registered candidates have the Process and Procedures, Guidelines on Thesis Format and Academic Rules and Regulations booklet.
    IGS Data Analysis Seminar and IGS Writing Skills Seminar are available for returning students.
    Defense of Proposal and Viva-Voce schedule are available on the website.
    Forms are available on the website for candidates to download.
    Candidates are advised to be in constant contact with faculty to ensure the research process and procedures stipulated by IPSis are being adhered to.
    Please check the website for updates on schedules, workshops and other pertinent information.
    Other clarifications do not hesitate to enquire from the department.

Coursework in UiTM 

  • The Coursework Department is managing students academic related matters with the full cooperation and support from the Heads of Postgraduate Coursework Programmes and their administrative staff. The Coursework Department has to work together with the Faculties in order to manage and address issues relating to the academic matters of coursework postgraduate students such as registration of courses, study leaves, withdrawal from studies and appeal for continuing of study.

    Currently, there are 68 coursework programmes for masters degree and one (1) doctoral programme by coursework. These coursework programmes are offered by 21 Faculties and also by 11 branch campuses of UiTM throughout Malaysia. UiTM offers a wide and distinctive range of coursework programmes for postgraduate studies in Science & Technology (29 master programmes), Business & Management (17 master programmes and 1 doctoral programme) and Social Science & Humanities (21 master programmes).

    To our registered coursework postgraduate students, kindly adhere to the important dates of the following important academic activities:

    Online Student Registration
    Online Courses Registration
    Online Validation of Courses
    Updating the i-student portal
    Students have to ensure that these activities are carried out within the stipulated time given in order to maintain an active student status. Please do update on IPSis information on this website via latest announcements, coursework guidelines and information, details of coursework programmes and coursework forms.

    For new candidates who are interested to register with our postgraduate coursework programmes, please click under Academic Affairs : intake guidelines and information and online application. Hope to see you in the forthcoming registration for new students.




Vision, Mision, and Objective UiTM Perlis Branch



To be at the forefront of scholarship that enhances academic advancement at the graduate level, in the pursuit of academic excellence and world class standards of graduate education



To nurture and develop a scholarly and knowledge-seeking learning community that explores all forms and frontiers of knowledge through higher degrees



To provide opportunities for Bumiputera graduates to further their education at Master's and Doctoral levels

• Operates as the nerve-centre of graduate-level education in the university
• Is responsible for the implementation, management and overall administration of graduate studies
• Coordinates and formulates policies on admission and academic regulations
• Provides support to facilitate research and learning among graduate students




List of activities  

  • 2019 Febuari - Slides Pascasiswazah
  • 2019 March,20 - Pre-Mock Viva (Haryati Abdul Fauzi)
  • 2019 March,27 - Seminar Akademik Serantau & Lawatan Akademik Serantau (Universitas Sumatera Utara &Universitas Medan Area)
  • 2019 March,29 - Pre-Viva (NurHanani Abu Seman)
  • 2019 April,12 - Misi Akademik Pascasiswazah FSKM
  • 2019 April,26 - Graduate on Time (GOT): Tips and Journeys
  • 2019 Mei,5 - Pre-Viva (Ahmad Zuhairdi Noh)
  • 2019 Mei,17 - Proofreading Your Writing workshop
  • 2019 Mei-August - MyRA




Faculty of Applied Sciences

  • Dr.Sharizal Hasan Area of Expertise; Coordination Chemistry, Hybrid Conducting polymer, Toxicity in environment - heavy metals
  •  Prof Ts Dr Mohd Azlan Mohd Ishak Area of Expertise; Coal liquefaction, Supercritical extraction, Energy & Green Chemistry, Actived materials Coal & Biomass blends
  •  Associate Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Abd Rahman Area of Expertise; Mariculture
  •  Associate Prof. Dr.  Mohd Nazari Abu Bakar Area of Expertise; Photovoltaics, Energy modeling, Solar Radiation, Solar, Solar Thermal, Hybrid Systems
  •  Associate Prof. Dr. Nafisah MOhd Osman Area of Expertise; Solid Electrolyte, Proton Conductor Materials Chemistry
  •  Associate Prof. Dr. Ramani Mayapan Area of Expertise; Physics
  •  Associate Prof. Dr.  Saidatulakmar Shamsuddin Area of Expertise; Physics, Material Science & Engineering
  •  Dr. Ang Lee Sin Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Dalina Samsudin Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Jeyashelly Andas Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Razif Mohammed Nordin Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Rizana Yusof Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Rosnani Nazri Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Rosyaini Afindi Zaman Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Zuliahani Ahmad Area of Expertise;

Faculty of Computer &Mathematical  Sciences 

  •  Dr. Rizauddin Saian Area of Expertise;
  •  Associate Prof Dr Naimah Mohd Hussin Area of Expertise;
  •  Associate Prof Dr Sharifah Lailee Syed Abdullah Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Abidah Hj Mat Taib Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Aznoora Osman Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr Khairul Anwar Sedek Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Nadia Abdul Wahab Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Noraini binti Nordin Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Norfiza Ibrahim Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Nur Fatihah binti Fauzi Area of Expertise;
  •  Ts Dr Shukor Sanim Mohd Fauzi Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr Siti Zulaiha Ahmad Area of Expertise;

Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying 

  •  Associate Prof Sr Dr Hj Zakaria Mat Arof Area of Expertise;
  •  Sr Dr Ashraf Abdullah Area of Expertise;
  •  Sr Dr Ismail bin Ma'arof Area of Expertise;
  •  Sr Dr Ernieza Suhana Binti Mokhtar Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Mohd Azwan bin Abbas Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr Nurul Ain bin Mohd Zaki Area of Expertise;
  •  Sr Dr Rohayu binti Haron Narashid Area of Expertise;

Faculty of Plantation & Agro technology  

  •  Associate Prof. Dr. Chuah Tse Seng Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Najihah Farhan Binti Sabri Area of Expertise;

Faculty of Sports Science & Recreation 

  •  Dr. Ahmad Fikri Mohd Kassim Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Khor Poy Hua Area of Expertise;

Faculty of Business & Management 

  •  Dr. Ahmad Nizan bin Mat Noor Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Chen Jen Eem Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Mahyudin bin Ahmad Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Noraini binti Nasiron@ Hiron Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Norhisham Bulot Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Norsiah Kadir Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Haji Shamshul Anaz Kassim Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Sharifah Khairol Musairah Syed Abdul Mutalib Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Sabiroh Md Sabri Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Susilawani Binti Ayob Area of Expertise;

Faculty of Accountancy 

  •  Dr. Normah Ahmad Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Azrul Abdullah Area of Expertise;

Academy of Language Studies  

  •  Dr. Abdul Basir Awang Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Amizura Hanadi Mohd Radzi Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Latisha Asmaak Shafie Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Lew Ya Ling Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Mohd Fadhili Yahya Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Norizul Azida Darus Area of Expertise;
  •  Dr. Nagidar Kaur @ Naginder Kaur Surjit Singh Area of Expertise;

Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS) 

  •  Dr.Azhar Abdul Rahman Area of Expertise;
  • Dr.Basri Abd Ghani Area of Expertise;
  • Dr.Mohd Nasir Abd Hamid Area of Expertise;

Academy of LAW 

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