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Nor Baihah Daud

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The Islamic Affairs Division is the original entity of the Religious Unit which was established on 3rd March 1971 placed under the Student Affairs Division. It was established with the aim of helping students equip themselves with basic knowledge of religion, in addition to solving religious problems that always arise among students. From February 1998, the Religious Unit was given a new name, the Islamic Development Unit, which was placed under the Integrated Islamic Service Center (PKIB) which is based at the UiTM Islamic Center. Its role and function is extended to religious propagation services among staff in addition to its essential duties for students.

In January 2001 it was restored to its original function under the Student Affairs Division and renamed the Religious Unit. From May 2002, it was revamped and renamed the Center for Islamic Thought and Understanding (CITU).

As its role and function is very much needed by the Student Affairs Division, from early January 2003 it was placed back under the Student Affairs Division under the name of the Religious Advisory Service Center. On 13 January 2004 to date it was merged with the Center for Islamic Education and placed under the auspices of the Center for Islamic Thought and Understanding and given a new name as the Office of Islamic Affairs (HEI). Its staff consists of Islamic Affairs Officers, Imams and Bilals.
On 21 May 2013, the Center for Islamic Thought and Understanding was upgraded to the Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS), In line with this development, Islamic Affairs was also elevated to an Islamic Center.
However, on 12 January 2018, the decision of the University Executive Council (MEU) has decided to refine the Organization Chart and Governance of the Islamic Affairs Unit in the branch campuses placed under the Rector and coordinated the new name of the Islamic Affairs Unit.
  • Offers religious guidance to students by guiding those with pure values based on Islamic beliefs.
  • Offers co -curricular courses Islamic -oriented in all faculties every semester.
  • Processing applications for zakat assistance among UiTM residents for two (2) weeks after being interviewed.
  • Assist UiTM citizens through services religious guidance and advice individuals and groups.
  • Process complaints and applications customers within three (3) days working.
  • Organize quality programs as much as 20 times a year.
  • Fill out each community program years.

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